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I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but here's my journey through the labrynth of life

Lithium, Day 4

I just took my 1 mg of Clonazepam, so I apologize if there are any mistakes or if I don't make sense in this post. lol. I have been taking 300 mg of lithium carbonate per day for four days... Continue Reading →

Buddhism Quote

02/16/2017 ☮ Thursday

This is just an update on me, although I don't know where to begin. My psychiatrist dropped the B word.  Bipolar. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 2 before, but I never believed it because I always thought of myself... Continue Reading →

DIARY 2 | Entry #3

12/10/2002 (age 11) This is my new diary!  My other one got filled up!  I had a pitching lesson today.  Thomas didn't notice me today.  Well, I didn't see him watch me.  Thomas is so cute!  It's almost Christmas!  Today was... Continue Reading →


I apologize in advance, as this is a looong and negative post about my life as of late.  An update on me, so-to-speak.  Triggering content ahead (self-harm in detail with image).  Read at your own risk. In my Chinese/Caucasian-mixed immediate family, we... Continue Reading →

It’s 1:23 a.m. and I can’t sleep, so I drove a needle through my ear. MANIC

02/04/2017 – Saturday Night

I am manic. I recognize all the signs:  Having loads of energy (and only on 5 hours of sleep every night for the past week, the feeling of electricity running through my veins making me speedy, racing thoughts, taking on... Continue Reading →

Depression: Don’t Wait Until You WANT to Do Something

I just started a new book called "Get It Done When You're Depressed" by Julie A. Fast & John D. Preston, Psy.D, ABPP.  Here is an excerpt with some tips to help you start a project when you're feeling depressed:... Continue Reading →

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